Mother dog found living in a garbage can, see her remarkable rescue and transformation

When concerned citizen Vanessa Rosales witnessed a homeless dog struggling to survive on a construction site, she called Hope for Paws, a Los Angeles-based, nonprofit rescue organization that aims to educate the public on the societal importance of companion animals. Hope for Paws rescuers advised Rosales against trespassing and took matters into their kind, capable hands.
Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli arrived on the scene and asked construction workers about the dog’s location. The workers allowed them into the gated private property, but the team was unsure it would find the fearful pooch amid the disturbing noise and rubble of scattered, unsafe construction materials.
To Hagar's surprise, he quickly spotted the dog, tragically hunched over in a sideways trashcan where she had taken refuge with her lone pup. The garbage can’s lid was propped open with a two-by-four, and a decaying cardboard box lined its base, indicating a person had helped set up the den. Chiarelli named the tawny mother Zoe and the adorable black puppy Meadow.
Allegedly, when the previous landlords sold the property, they left behind their dog to fend for herself, and Zoe was impregnated on the streets. According to construction workers, local children stole the rest of the litter, Meadow’s five brothers and sisters.
On Hagar and Chiarelli's initial approach, Zoe growled, her eyes wide with panic. Chiarelli slowly advanced, verbally reinforcing and offering treats with each step. As Zoe lowered her head to accept her first bite, the anxiety eased out of her eyes, and she assumed the posture of a loving pet. Of course, the hungry Meadow happily gobbled up everything from the start, her little tail wagging.
Her belly full and mother leashed, Meadow nuzzled Zoe, as if to communicate her trust and encourage their relocation. After a few minutes of coaxing, Zoe submitted to being pet.
Her relief tinged with sadness, exhaustion and lingering trepidation, Zoe consented to being led outside, and sweet Meadow let rescuers pick her up.
As Zoe ate from Chiarelli’s hand, Meadow suckled Hagar’s finger.
The team from Hope for Paws took Zoe and Meadow straight to the hospital for medical treatment, and both received clean bills of health. A few days later, momma and puppy settled into their foster home through Shelter Hope Pet Shop, a volunteer adoption group that gives human companions the pet store experience and shelter animals the opportunity to find a forever home.
At Shelter Hope Pet Shop, Meadow teethed on Zoe’s new dog tag, kissed her rescuers and pressed her eyelids shut with the security of a dog that could finally sleep easily.
In the video below, you can see that Meadow has grown and filled out a bit, and both dogs have shiny coats and clear eyes.
As the canine clan playfully tussles on the carpet, surrounded by foster parents, the viewer’s heart is filled with the knowledge that one man’s trash is another man’s lifelong treasure.
Watch the full video below:
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