Abandoned dog was on the brink of death before a rescue saved his life

A Massachusetts pit bull mix lived part of his life wandering the streets scared and alone. He was just 15 pounds and his skin was covered in raw sores. Almost out of hope and time, he was finally found. He didn’t know it yet, but his life was about to change forever.
The dog was found by Brockton Animal Control on the brink of death.
When volunteers from New York-based rescue group Second Chance Rescue NYC learned of the pup, who was later named XO due to his love of hugs and kisses, they knew they had to help.
One of those volunteers was Alyssa Ellman. Ellman is from Needham, Massachusetts and a volunteer for Second Chance Rescue. Ellman, along with other volunteers, rallied together to find a foster home for XO through Second Chance Rescue. They found one - but it was 250 miles away in New Jersey.
Luckily, Ellman belongs to a Facebook group known as "Ready to Roll". "Ready to Roll" is a team of dog-lovers who help relay dogs to out-of-state foster homes. Thanks to them, XO would get his chance to go to a foster home!
Ellman was part of the first leg of the relay – bringing XO from Massachusetts to Rhode Island. Ellman said XO sat her lap the whole time and was extremely well-behaved in the car. Ellman passed XO on to another volunteer who took him to Connecticut. Then, it was on to New Jersey - where XO arrived safely at his new foster home.
XO will stay with his New Jersey foster, Teri Eckel, through his recovery. He still needs to gain some weight and his skin needs to clear up. Eckel has already fallen in love with XO. Eckel recently told The Enterprise, “He’s a sweetheart. I just wish we could find the horrible person that did it to him, because it’s truly sad.” (The Enterprise).
While it’s true that humans did this XO, he has no malice towards them. In fact, he loves people. Eckel said he has no ill feelings towards them at all and is in love with everyone he meets. (The Enterprise).
XO still has a long road to recover – he’s on antibiotics for his skin and he's not quite back to his old self yet, but he’s already shown immense progress. Thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers, XO will no longer have to worry about when his next meal will be or finding shelter from a storm. His future will consist of nothing but hugs and kisses and all the love he deserves.
Here is a video of XO around the time he was rescued:

My name is "XO" for hugs and kisses, because I love to give me them. I have been abused and neglected my whole life. My rescuers found me wandering on the street in Brockton Massachusetts. I am so malnourished that the vets can't even tell how old I am. I have an extreme case of mange, and my neck is so rotted that my tissue is exposed. My lymph nodes are very swollen they look like I have tennis balls in my neck. I am so happy to finally be saved that I have what they call "happy tail." Which is caused from wagging my tail too much! I am sadly only 15 pounds, and extremely emaciated. I can't wait to start my new life with my foster family. I am a very playful and goofy little guy. I love to sit in your lap and just take in my surroundings. They still haven't found out who did this to me, but hopefully they will soon. If you can help me on my journey to get better please donate anything that you can! http://www.nycsecondchancerescue.org/donate/

Posted by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs on Thursday, July 28, 2016

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